Songs of the Week: Hot Chip, Mastodon, Beck, Rita Ora, and Immigration Policy

Hot Chip, “Day and Night”

“Dope song. The beat kinda reminds me of Sonic Spinball for Sega Genesis.” YouTube commenter KoolIsKeith should really be writing SOTW from now on.

Mastodon, “A Commotion”

For Record Store Day, metal dudes Mastodon and indie-pop titan Feist teamed up on a split 7-inch, Feistodon, on which each act covers a song by the other. Which means we now have a conclusive answer to the question, Would Feist be more badass if she actually didn’t sound at all like Feist but instead sounded exactly like Mastodon? And that answer is, Yes, duh, obviously.

Rita Ora, “How We Do (Party)”

Roc Nation newbie Rita Ora introduces herself via an expertly rendered ode to late nights, executed with the kind of trains-run-on-time proficiency one expects from this advanced level of the pop-starlet factory. But I don’t know Rita Ora; I’ve never seen her stumbling out of a club at 3 in the morning, or even rolling a blunt on her bodyguard’s head. Is this really “how” she “do”? Does she really get that “drunk sex feeling when” she’s “with you”? Does she really love getting wasted this much, or is she just pretending so that we’ll have something in common?

R. Kelly, “Share My Love”

Contrary to popular belief, there are still phrases in the English language that, once sung by R. Kelly, do not immediately sound like weird/gross sex boasts. But “I just wanna share my love with you” is certainly not one of them.

Major Lazer featuring Amber Coffman, “Get Free”

Reminder: Amber Coffman, of the Dirty Projectors, has a bonkers voice. As a courtesy to the world I’m gonna get her to record my voice mail greeting, and then let every call go to message forever.

Fiend, “PSA Your Lady”

Are you still mad at Fiend for having sex with your girlfriend? I get it. It was a messed-up thing to do. And look, I don’t know if it helps at all, but he does sound genuinely apologetic about it.

Baio, “Tanto”

That’d be Baio as in Chris Baio, Vampire Weekend bassist and newly minted solo artist now dropping irresistible dance jams, and not Scott Baio, famous actor. Sorry for any possible confusion.

Colt Ford, “Answer to No One”

Plus-sized country star Colt Ford would like to tell you some things about himself: “Shotgun toter, Republican voter / Hank Jr. supporter, let’s protect our border / to hell with anyone who don’t believe in the USA / ‘cause this is what I say.” There’s a Shyamalan twist, though: At the end of the song Colt admits that, in 2004, he was maybe sort of pulling for Kucinich.

A$AP Rocky, “Goldie”

And here we have Rocky’s first “official” single, off his “official” debut LongLiveA$AP, which is supposedly out in July. So, yeah, get used to continuing to see this dude everywhere all the time.

Beck, “I Only Have Eyes for You”

(Shwooap shwooap) (shwooap shwooap) (swhooap shwooap) etc.

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