Some Sicko Bought Walter White’s Tighty Whities for $10,000


Or $9,900, actually, but that’s only $100 less gross. The auction of iconic Breaking Bad props happened says Variety.) Fetching the highest price was Walt’s copy of Leaves of Grass — a gift from the late, great chemist Gale Boetticher — which went for $65,500. Hector Salamanca’s DING-DING-DING-BOOM-machine earned $26,750, while the shabby pink teddy bear from Wayfarer 515 will now terrify the child of some Breaking Bad fan at the discount rate of $23,250.

Among the rest of the selections were the creepy (Tuco’s grill, the bike lock Walter murdered Krazy 8 with), the pointless (name tags of various Los Pollos Hermanos employees, prop money, anything from the car wash), the pointless-but-kinda-neat (Walt’s doombringing red key fob from “Felina,” a single teddy bear eyeball, Jesse’s Hello Kitty cell), the downright efficient (Jesse’s Roomba, Gale’s teakettle, Walt’s work gloves, a cash counter, Badger’s winter hat), and the absolutely essential (Hank’s minerals, various pieces from Jesse’s Ed Hardy–esque wardrobe). At $250, Gomie’s khakis were the least-desired item.

And those undies, the ones that sold for $2,000 more than Walt’s Pontiac Aztek? They’re on display at the Museum of the Moving Image until later this month. Then the new owner gets to start his or her own distinctly unappealing in-home Planet Hollywood. Next purchase: a swatch of the carpet Roger Sterling yakked on.

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