Pixar’s New ‘Inside Out’ Teaser Is Really a Reminder of Why Pixar Rules

Pixar’s last movie was Monsters University. “Where’s their by-now annual film?!” you ask? NOWHERE. There is no 2014 Pixar movie. So, in case you’ve forgotten what Pixar is during this long, magic-less year, check out this teaser for Inside Out, “the emotions movie,” due June 19, 2015. (In case you want to put it in your calendar right now, which I totally get.) It stars the voices of Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader, and maybe did I hear Patton Oswalt? Inside Out will be followed by November 2015’s The Good Dinosaur, the first time Pixar’s ever released two features inside a year. (And they’ll do it again in 2017.)

New Gambinooooo. (Donald Glover has a new mixtape; it’s a [stunning, and yeah I already played it five times today] two-parter called STN MTN / KAUAI.)

You’re not going to not read Caity Weaver’s medium-longread ranking of the alphabet. You’re just not not!

You wanna watch McConaughey pump up a college football team IN REAL LIFE?

lol, u done messed up, Utopia. Fox spent $50 million on you and now you’re being shuffled off the Tuesday-night schedule.

Roxane Gay x Lena Dunham, a summit for the (bloggy) ages.

The Real True Detective.

SXSW might ban unofficial performances, which is dumb?

Modern Fraternity.

On Sunday, Better Call Saul will debut a music video during the final installment of AMC’s Breaking Bad rerun marathon.

Jon Favreau wants to open a Chef-y restaurant.

And here’s actor J.K. Simmons on Terminator: Dionysus Genisys: “It’s a gigantic movie and that was such a surprise when they sent that to me and asked me to do it. I thought ‘Well, obviously it’s a gigantic movie and on that level, it’s something most actors would want to be a part of, but is it just going to be the formulaic yadda-yadda-yadda then cut to the stuff blowing up?’ But I found the script to be really much more intelligent and fun and funny and well-rounded and heart-felt. It’s a love story. It’s a really interesting script. They got great actors.”

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