Odd Future Pay Tribute to The Simpsons, Sort Of

Out on March 20: OF Tape Vol. 2, the latest release from the Odd Future collective. Out right now: the music video for “NY (Ned Flander),” the second single from that album. The clip is, as per OF convention, a disturbing few minutes: while lounging in what appears to be a Breaking Bad-style meth den, Hodgy Beats, as an old man, eats a sub sandwich in gross fashion; then Tyler, the Creator, as an old man-baby, gets a gross bath. (Also: “Now I have famous friends who like coke in their drugs.”) No fast cuts here: The video lingers and trails on every shot, really letting you soak in the narcotics-abuse-based tooth decay. Tyler directed the clip, and has spent some quality time congratulating himself for that fact, via alter ego name, on Twitter: “WOLF HALEYS 8TH VIDEO. TONIGHT. ALL BEFORE 21. 8 MUSIC VIDEOS DIRECTED BY 20. GOOD JOB WOLF HAY.” Good job, Wolf Hay? Yeah, I guess, good job, Wolf Hay. Alternately, if you’re looking for something a bit more mild-mannered this afternoon: might I suggest the latter-day work of Monica and Brandy?

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