It’s Time for Coen Brothers Fans to Start Gushing About the First Trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis

If you’re a Coen brothers fan, this morning’s unexpected release of the trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis, their first film since 2010 Best Picture nominee True Grit, is nearly as glee-inducing as Joel and Ethan personally dispatching John Goodman to shout you awake in full Walter Sobchak regalia. (Or, if we want an experience of more recent Coens vintage, picking up a call from “Unknown” and suddenly finding yourself haggling over Santana’s Abraxas with a dogged Columbia House Record Club rep.) Before we descend obnoxiously deeper into the reference-hole — trust us, you don’t want that, we’ll drag you right through the particulars of the Massey Prenup — back to the footage at hand: Three years ago, we never would have said, “I really hope they pivot from a Western to something about the New York folk scene in the ’60s,” but now that we’ve seen the trailer, of course we want them to Dylan it up. Can we get more Dylan in there? There’s nothing like a two-minute tease from your favorite cinematic geniuses to explode your expectations.

If you’re not a Coen brothers fan (and we recognize that not everyone is, as much as that pains us), we can offer you (1) Carey Mulligan, because everyone likes Carey Mulligan, (2) a glimpse of Justin Timberlake in a tight sweater and Girls‘ Adam Driver in a cowboy hat at :40, and (3) Timberlake in an even tighter sweater at 1:32, deepening the probably forever-unexplained mystery of why a Greenwich Village folkie is hitting the weights so hard. Your F. Murray Abraham mileage may vary.

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