Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, Veep, and The Bridge

Jay-ZNo special apps. No error messages. No Nirvana sing-alongs. The Hollywood Prospectus podcast has almost nothing in common with Magna Carta Holy Grail, the new Jay-Z album/cell phone promotion/data mining operation that dropped on the Fourth of July. (One thing we do have in common? Lots of awkward talk about Brody from Homeland!) Unfortunately, friends, this is a good thing. Look, you’d be hard pressed to find two thirtysomethings with more fondness for a certain Marcy-born fortysomething, but Chris and I agree that Holy Grail is mostly fool’s gold. Still, it helped us have a larger conversation about aging and art that got so involved it managed to reference Peedi Crakk, spawn an instant drinking game, and push our promised (and overdue!) summer jam conversation to next week. There was time for some TV talk, though, as Chris and I finally took a few minutes to rave about the brilliance of Veep‘s second season and I pitched FX’s upcoming The Bridge as one of the best new shows to come around in quite awhile. Get off the couch, Rick Rubin! At least there’s something this week that’s better than the beach.

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