Hey, Community’s Coming Back!

Well, well, well – look who’s back from near death! When Community was held off NBC’s mid-season schedule in order to give a chance to some shows that humans may, actually, one day, watch in large numbers, it seemed like out-and-out cancellation was the only next possible step. NBC chief Bob Greenblatt kept swearing that wasn’t the case, that Dan Harmon’s inventive, divisive creation would live to fight again another day. We certainly didn’t believe him!

But check it out: It’s back. Really! Communimaniacs, mark this date on your lovingly, painstakingly homemade Greendale Human Beings calendars: March 15. As Vulture reports, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock will be getting bounced around the schedule, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers and Best Friends Forever will soon premiere, Whitney and Are You There, Chelsea? will be done for the year, and Community will be back at 8 p.m. that day.

Let’s celebrate the news with a bit from the My Dinner With Andre homage episode:

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