Gus Fring Coming to Community

In what will certainly be a collision of TV nerd worlds so intense it will release the energy equivalent of a thousand Arrested Development movie rumors into the atmosphere, killing the entire audience of a Fringe Comic-Con panel, Vulture reports that erstwhile Breaking Bad antagonist Giancarlo Esposito is shooting a guest spot on Community. That’s right: Gus Fring will soon be visiting Greendale Community College. (Assuming, of course, that NBC doesn’t go insane and delay the second half of Community‘s rudely and indefinitely hiatused third season into oblivion.) Esposito will play “a business associate” of Pierce’s father, which seems to set up a mind-boggling number of possible racism-tinged interactions with Chevy Chase’s study-group pariah. (And let’s set the over/under on meth/Heisenberg/Pollo Hermanos/Pontiac Aztec/dinner-bell-ringing references at five, just to be safe.)

If there aren’t at least 10 animated GIFs on Tumblr by the end of the day depicting Pierce detonating the wheelchair bomb that killed Gus, then cackling nefariously as the half-flayed Chicken Man daintily adjusts his tie before collapsing into a pile of smoldering flesh and shattered bones, well, then the Internet has failed us. (Read: Someone make this for us, right now. Go!)

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