Eastbound & Down: An Ode to Stevie

Stevie Janowski’s dark secret (Season 1 outtake)

“You ain’t fucking Kenny Powers …”

Sak Noel’s “Loca People” (Stevie Janowski Remix)!


“I can’t wait till Season 3 to chill with him and Stevie rippin’ lines in Myrtle Beach …” A video for “Bitches on the Reg” from Dr. Westchesterson. I could tell you I haven’t been singing this since I heard it, but that would make me a liar.

On the next Mad Men

Stevie puts Drake in his place.

Look at me, mom!

“He says things that I think people do say, but I think other people don’t put on TV.”

“Ain’t no law that says a man has to wear pants.”

“… and the garage is for cars.”

“Assistant and best friend to baseball’s legendary legend …”

Stevie the fish.

“Are you ready to get so weak?”

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