David Letterman Reveals He Banned Spring Breakers Director Harmony Korine For Going Through Meryl Streep’s Purse

In visiting the Late Show last night to promote indie sensation/coked-out-ski-mask-party docudrama Spring Breakers, star James “Alien” Franco brought up director Harmony Korine, who, the story goes, had been banned from Letterman’s couch — where he had appeared a few times in the late ’90s in conjunction with Kids, Gummo, and his book A Crackup at the Race Riots — because of an altercation with fellow guest Meryl Streep. Specifically, in Korine’s own “a little out of it” recollection to Franco, for “pushing Meryl Streep backstage.” (We will now pause for our collective, horrified reaction to someone laying hands upon Streep for any purpose other than to request a healing.)

Letterman, however, wants to correct the record once and for all: When he went up to Streep’s dressing room to welcome her to the show, he discovered Korine going through her purse, a transgression that led to his immediate banishment. “True story,” assures Letterman, before magnanimously lifting the ban.

And so there you have it: Korine did not shove Meryl Streep, he merely wanted to look at her shit.

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