Catwoman’s Motorcycle Takes Out a Camera

The hijinks continue on the Pittsburgh set of the Most Serious Movie in the World, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Last weekend saw a Batmobile wedding. Then on Saturday, Tom Hardy’s steroidal villain, Bane, played the half-time show at a Steeler’s game. And yesterday, a stand-in for Anne Hathaway (Catwoman) plowed into an IMAX camera on a motorcycle (injuring nobody, thankfully — see the video above, or a better one at TMZ), probably resulting in the highest-resolution America’s Funniest Home Video ever. Aren’t these guys supposed to be shooting 2012’s bleakest, least fun superhero movie? Whatever happened to Nolanism? You certainly won’t see bloopers like this on the set of Marc Webb’s joyless Spider-Man reboot, or Zack Snyder’s poorly lit Superman movie (though the crew members probably bump into each other a lot). Quit screwing around, Nolan!

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