Cancel the Rest of Your Friday Plans: Christmas Cats TV Is On Christmas Cats TV

Lots going on today. We all want to keep talking about The Sound of Music Live!, your year-end list reading backlog is piling up, and it’s Friday, so maybe you’re thinking of stepping out and treating yourself to a healthy lunch somewhere. Listen. Don’t. There is something called Christmas Cats TV, and it is on the Internet right now, and thanks to it, we just leveled up as a society, so you can rest up for now and enjoy the spoils.

What is Christmas Cats TV? It is a live feed being broadcast by North Shore Animal League America, a shelter in Port Washington, New York, starring a bunch of readily adoptable sweet and soft kittens chilling in a festive holiday environment. They are accompanied by a charmingly game elderly woman and a young man in a cat sweater and elf ears who interact with them (and occasionally take pulls from kitty flasks, because YOL9). This is a socially plugged-in operation, so you can leave messages and make requests (“Please dance with the gigantic white cat next to Granny,” “Can you hold all the cats at once?”). Granny and the Elf will shout you out on a little whiteboard if you ask nicely. Some of the cats are wearing sweaters. You don’t need to go anywhere. You don’t need to do anything else, except maybe adopt 17 cats. Merry Cats’mas, one and all.

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