The Mystery of ‘Gone Girl’ May Drive Us Mad Before the Movie’s Even Out

These Finchertastic trailers for Gone Girl are starting to drive me insane. I know there’s some kind of a, like, book out there that features the same plot as this movie? I just haven’t read it yet! Can I wait till October 3? Can you? Must … not … read … Wiki plot summary … to … find out … if Ben Affleck murdered his … wife …

Is Full House coming back? Not sure; will try to give you proper warning if so.

Ridley Scott’s got everything on rails, including Blade Runner 2 and the Prometheus sequel.

Ricky Gervais visits House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black in this new Netflix ad.

#Donald4Spiderman finally realized … in cartoon form.

Pokemon vs. Tekken, I guess. Not like Tekken was doing anything anyway.

Here’s a teaser for the final season of The Newsroom, starring the immortal words of Aaron Sorkin.

Accurate: New York on Instagram vs. New York in real life.

Bieber lashed out at a dude at an arcade, is facing charges.

Kim Kardashian’s visiting 2 Broke Girls this season. Which will be the show’s fourth.

And here’s a trailer for Lifetime’s Brittany Murphy biopic.

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