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Andre 3000, Damon Albarn, and James Murphy Get Subbed Out by Cartoons

See the video for “DoYaThing.”
What, exactly, is Andre 3000’s thought process when it comes to leaving the plush, luxurious, and fully stocked underground bomb shelter he calls home? We don’t hear from the guy for years, then he pops up on Ke$ha remixes and in Gillette commercials and God knows what else. It’s jarring! There is almost no way to correctly calibrate our expectations for what the presence of 3 Stacks entails! His recent chat with GQ at least provides some clues (if you’re keeping track on your own, that’s yes new solo album, no new Outkast album, yes revived clothing line) — but then we get the video for “DoYaThing,” his Converse Three Artists/One Song collaboration with James Murphy and Damon Albarn, and once again all expectations are confounded. He’s on the song. (Just listen to it. It’s obvious. He’s right there.) So would it have been too much to ask for Andre to actually be in the video, too? The impromptu trio might have a convenient excuse in the form of Albarn’s animated band — instead of humans, we get Gorillaz — but let’s face facts. 3000 was cool with stepping into sunlight to strut around with Adrien Brody and Gael García Bernal, but won’t materialize to pal around in the flesh with Murphy and Albarn? Converse: Next time, give him more money. That said: This video is dope.