Anchorman 2 Asks: What Are You Doing Exactly a Year From Today?

After years of industry chatter, production rumors, and not an inconsequential amount of sexual innuendo, the Anchorman sequel is up and running. It’s got a new subtitle — The Legend Continues! — and it’s got its cast back: Champ, Brick, Brian Fontana, and Ron mf’ing Burgundy himself are all on board. (Rumored to be joining them: Kristen Wiig. Very excellent). OK, and now the news you’re here for: The release date for the flick has just been announced, and it is … December 20, 2013. Yes, exactly a year from today. Presumably Paramount wants to get this thing in by December so as to qualify it for the 2014 Academy Awards? Anyway, this is great news that certainly smells nothing at all like Big Foot’s dick.

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