Afternoon Links: Maybe Don’t Go Into Any Coffee Shops Until Carrie Comes Out

Any video that opens with “time to fuck with some customers” is good in my book. While this one’s built in the mold of candid-camera shows designed explicitly to freak people out, something about it going down in a New York coffee shop, skewering even the most jaded espresso-swilling souls in the process, elates me. I like how the one woman takes out her smartphone after the dude gets slammed against the wall, but once tables start flying, she’s outta there. And then the thing ends with #flexlikecarrie. I mean, just, no critique. A-frigging-plus. Viral marketing that sends people screaming into the streets and spending the rest of their lives telling friends about the haunted girl in the haunted coffee shop in the West Village is everything I’m about.

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