Afternoon Links: Drake Gets to Be in Anchorman 2 Because He Used to Drive an Anchormanmobile

Kanye isn’t the only introspective, nation-dividing rapper who’ll appear in Anchorman 2. A befro’d Drizzy Drake will also appear, flexing those Degrassi acting chops for the first time in a minute. He elaborated the casting process to Chelsea Handler thusly: “Anchorman was a huge part of my life. I used to have this car that would allow you to play DVDs illegally through the front dash. [Editor’s note: Drake, what?] … No music, just, like, Anchorman consistently looping over and over and over. So people would get in my car and you’d be mid–sex panther scene in Anchorman. So I asked [Will Ferrell] if I could do it and him and [Adam McKay] were phenomenal about it. They let me be part of the scene, I got to improv, I got to interact with [Christina Applegate] and [Ferrell] and I got to look like Blue Ivy, ’70s.” Process all that while you take in Drake’s new “Hold On, We’re Going Home” video, packed with gun-blasting, non-Kanye-inspired ski masks, A$AP Rocky cameos, and zero Drake–as–Blue Ivy looks.

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