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Grantland on the 2012-13 NFL Playoffs

Our exhaustive coverage of football's craziest month


Daring to Ask the PED Question
By Bill Simmons
If everyone is secretly suspicious of so many athletic achievements in the 21st century, then why aren’t we talking about it?

10 Very Important Super Bowl Weekend Moments
By Rembert Browne
The Harbaugh family, Justin Timberlake, and the lies of a Falcons fan deep in NOLA.

Super Bowl Redux
By Bill Barnwell
The confetti has fallen, the Ravens are champs, and now it’s time to try to make sense of it all.

Super Bowl Preview
By Bill Barnwell
After all the bets and the hype, it’s time to break down the game and decide who will raise the Lombardi Trophy.

In Honor of the NFL Honors
By Bill Barnwell
Here are our completely unsolicited picks for who should win all the NFL awards the league is handing out.

Oral History of “The Super Bowl Shuffle”
By Bill Barnwell
The making of the 1985 Chicago Bears’ iconic music video.

How the Ravens Stay on Top
By Bill Barnwell
The intelligence and patience of Ozzie Newsome has made Baltimore into a team built for the long haul.

The Niners Buck the System
By Bill Barnwell
All the numbers said San Francisco wouldn’t be this good, so how did it happen?

Super Bowl Prop Bets
By Bill Barnwell
From the shrewd to the ridiculous, you can put your money down on just about any situation.

Thank You, Coaches
By Bill Barnwell
Looking back on a season of heroic ineptitude and occasional brilliance from the keepers of the red challenge flags.

Grantland Staff: NFL Run & Shootaround: All of the lights
Grantland Staff: Super Bowl XLVII commercials Hall of Fame
Bill Barnwell: Sin City and the Super Bowl
Dan McLaughlin: Super Bowls are getting closer, and that’s a good thing
Wesley Morris: Notes on Beyoncé’s halftime show
Jay Caspian Kang: A second opinion on Bey, and thoughts on the other divas
Hua Hsu: Total devastation for a Niners fan at the Super Bowl
Cousin Sal: Super Bowl prop bets
Robert Mays: The 22 most important players in the Super Bowl
Rembert Browne: Dispatches from New Orleans: Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3
Chris Brown: Colin Kaepernick and the diversity of the 49ers’ offense
Chris Brown: How Joe Flacco’s arm can exploit the 49ers’ secondary
The Triangle: Who won the Super Bowl today? Jan. 28Jan. 30
Chris Ryan: Other performance-enhancing wild animals the Ravens been ingesting
Bill Barnwell: NFL Playoff Stock Watch

The B.S. Report: Cousin Sal and Joe House join Bill to break down the Super Bowl weekend, speculate about NBA trades, and announce the winner of their eating contest.
The B.S. Report: Cousin Sal and Joe House preview the Super Bowl and their eating competition showdown.
The B.S. Report: Part 1: Rembert Browne and Cousin Sal talk to Bill about the Super Bowl, PEDs, and their terrible lunch. Part 2: Justin Tuck reminds Bill that the Giants beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl.
The Trenches NFL Podcast: Robert Mays and Ephraim Salaam talk crazy Super Bowl stories, the Ravens’ big win, and the latest news about brain testing for players.


That Championship Mailbag
By Bill Simmons
The Sports Guy goes through the rest of his inbox before making his NFL playoffs picks.

Who Is the Real Matty Ice?
By Bill Barnwell
Atlanta falls short again, and the rest of the news you need to know from championship weekend.

The Thrill of Defeat
By Rembert Browne
A perfect plan — for the Super Bowl and a presidential party — is perfectly spoiled.

NFC Championship Preview
By Bill Barnwell
In a game where the home team has suddenly become the underdog, the Falcons and 49ers face off for a shot at the Super Bowl.

AFC Championship Preview
By Bill Barnwell
Look familiar? The Patriots and Ravens face off once again with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

Speak My Language
By Chris Brown
As the players and schemes have changed, it’s the way the Patriots talk that’s continued their offensive dominance.

The Grantland Staff: Brotherly Love
Bill Barnwell: Fourth-and-Short: Reexamining the NFL’s Final Four
Jim Newell: We Went There: Ravens-Patriots
Patricia Lee: Remembering the Ray Lewis Controversy
Cousin Sal: Divisional Championship Prop Bets
Rembert Browne: More Proof That the Atlanta Falcons Will Win on Sunday
Kirk Goldsberry & Kevin Meers: There Is no Red Zone: The NFL’s Scoring Myth
Robert Mays: The Curse of the Quarterback Middle Class
Patricia Lee: The Peyton Manning Playoff Question
Bill Barnwell: Fourth-and-Short: Some Super Bowl Comparisons

The B.S. Report: Cousin Sal consoles Bill after a tough Patriots loss, and the two turn their attention to the Super Bowl story lines and betting lines.
The B.S. Report: Aaron Schatz and Bill Barnwell join Bill on Smart Guy Wednesday to talk about the NFL conference championship matchups.
The Trenches NFL Podcast: Robert Mays and Ephraim Salaam talk coaching hires, the conference championship games, and the future of NFL quarterbacking.


The Always Reliable Mailbag
By Bill Simmons
Aaron Rodgers’s quest for revenge highlights the Sports Guy’s inbox while he makes his divisional weekend picks.

The Label Game
By Bill Barnwell
How Peyton’s and Matty Ice’s legacies were in other people’s hands, and the rest of the notable news from divisional weekend.

Patriot Games
By Charles P. Pierce
New England’s win over Houston wasn’t magical. But it was exactly what the Pats needed.

Divisional Saturday
By Bill Barnwell
With a couple of rematches on tap, here are all the numbers you need to look smart when talking about the NFL playoffs.

Divisional Sunday
By Bill Barnwell
Here are all the facts and trends you need to know to figure out who will book the final two tickets to conference championship weekend.

One-Trick Pony
By Chris Brown
A return to Peyton Manning’s Indy offense.

The Grantland Staff: The Long Good-bye
Robert Mays: We Went There: 49ers-Packers
Rembert Browne: Falcons 30, Seahawks 28; or, the Day I Became a Sports Fan
Cousin Sal: Divisional Prop Bets
Steven Hyden: The Chip on Aaron Rodgers’s Shoulder
Rembert Browne: Actual Proof That the Falcons Will Win on Sunday

The B.S. Report: Smart Guy Wednesday: Aaron Schatz joins Bill Simmons to discuss Round 2 of the NFL playoffs.
The B.S. Report: Mike Lombardi, Chad Millman, and Cousin Sal join Bill to break down the NFL’s divisional round and preview the conference championships.


NFL Playoff Prognostications
By Bill Simmons
The Sports Guy goes through every line to make his wild-card weekend picks.

Un-Hail to the Redskins
By Bill Barnwell
Why RG3 played way too long, and the rest of the notable news from wild-card weekend.

Wild-Card Saturday
By Bill Barnwell
Going deep inside the numbers to deliver everything you need to know about the opening day of the NFL playoffs.

Wild-Card Sunday
By Bill Barnwell
Going deep inside the numbers to deliver everything you need to know about Day 2 of the NFL playoffs.

The Grantland Staff: Love Will Tear Us Apart
Cousin Sal: Wild-Card Prop Bets
Alex Pappademas: I Suck at Football, Week 18
Bill Barnwell: We Went There: Ravens-Colts and Redskins-Seahawks
Chris Brown: Defining the Principles of Washington’s Offensive Revolution
Robert Mays: The Trenchie Awards Special Edition

The B.S. Report: Smart Guy Wednesday: Aaron Schatz and Bill Barnwell join Bill Simmons to preview the NFL’s wild-card weekend.
The B.S. Report: Mike Lombardi, Cousin Sal, and Joe House join Bill to react to the NFL’s wild-card weekend and look ahead to the big Super Bowl showdown: Joe House vs. Cousin Sal in an eating contest.
The B.S. Report: Chad Millman, Cousin Sal, Mike Lombardi, and Joe House review week 17 action and look forward to the matchups on wild-card weekend.

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