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  • Michael_Crichton

    His Jurassic World: Author Michael Crichton’s Entertainment Odyssey and Lasting Cultural Impact

    Few writers in modern history have married high-concept ideas and base-level entertainment as well as Michael Crichton did. His books are the ultimate union of the geeky and the pulpy. Which is why one of this summer’s surefire blockbusters, ‘Jurassic World,’ and one of this fall’s signature HBO series, ‘Westworld,’ are both based on ideas that originated in the mind of a man who died almost seven years ago.

  • 2014-15 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player Award

    Stephen Curry Tells His Own Story

    The same narrative that applies to Curry applies to the Warriors as a whole: We keep expecting them to get overpowered, to fail in some way, to get exposed for their weaknesses of their unconventional makeup.

  • The Masters - Final Round

    Heir Jordan: The Most Exciting Player in Golf Got Himself a Green Jacket

    Jordan Spieth, of course, is not Tiger Woods. He is not a transformative cultural figure or a racial pioneer; he’s just a kid from Dallas who seems courteous and well brought up and has a heartwarming personal story. But he is also, it would seem, one hell of a young golfer, gutsy and steely and unafraid of taking the difficult shot at a difficult time.

  • New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles

    Keep Chip Kelly Weird

    If the Eagles coach wants to avoid the mistakes of past college-to-pro coaches, he should just keep doing what he’s doing.

  • Eastern Washington v Washington

    Vernon Adams Goes Big Time: Meet the New Oregon Quarterback

    The Ducks thrive by resisting offensive conventions; Adams is a successful, unconventional quarterback. The move is risky for both parties, but the fit appears to be perfect.

  • frank-leahy-notre-dame-1946

    How Notre Dame’s 1946 Class Forever Altered the Recruiting Landscape

    Frank Leahy’s 1946 Notre Dame recruiting class coincided with a historical nexus. Some seven decades later, as yet another national signing day arrives, there’s a reason beyond the sheer weight of its talent that Leahy’s class still matters.

  • mark-helfrich-oregon-ohio-state-tri

    What’s Next for Oregon in the Post-Loss, Post–Marcus Mariota World?

    It’s not fair to say that Oregon missed its only chance for greatness by losing to Ohio State, or that the Ducks won’t be able to replace Marcus Mariota, or that Mark Helfrich isn’t the same coach Chip Kelly was. But that’s what people will say anyway after the Oregon Experiment’s latest setback.

  • nick-saban-urban-meyer-tri

    The Game Within the Sugar Game: Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and the Battle of College Football’s Recruiting Kingpins

    There will be a lot more than a national championship game berth on the line when Alabama and Ohio State face off in Thursday’s Sugar Bowl semifinal.

  • jim-harbaugh-michigan-tri

    Michigan’s Man: Is Hiring Jim Harbaugh Actually a Dream Result for Big Blue?

    For weeks, the prospect of hiring Jim Harbaugh has been trumpeted as a catchall fix for Michigan. But with the Wolverines on the brink of sealing the deal, it’s time to consider the cloud around the very silver lining.

  • bill-mccartney-colorado-buffaloes-fe

    Promise Keeper

    Twenty years ago, at the pinnacle of his career, Colorado coach Bill McCartney walked away from the game. His reasons remain more complex than many realize.

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