Posts by Chris B. Brown

  • Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning

    Better With Age

    How did a 37-year-old passer three years removed from neck surgery deliver a historic season and Super Bowl berth? Credit a subtle but essential offensive shift.

  • Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

    Who's Laughing Now?

    Pete Carroll used to be a joke; now he’s on the brink of a Super Bowl berth thanks to his defensive mastery.

  • Auburn coach Gus Malzahn

    The Making of a Modern-Day Guru

    How Gus Malzahn went from high school defensive coordinator to college offensive mastermind, and took Auburn to the brink of championship glory in the process.

  • Kaepernick & Gore

    Defending the Read-Option

    There’s no simple solution for the NFL’s latest offensive trend, but after an offseason of searching, defensive coaches may finally have some answers.

  • Dick LeBeau

    Controlled Chaos

    How the evolution of zone-blitz coverages has defined modern defense.

  • Vince Wilfork

    Ode to the War Daddies

    The Patriots’ Vince Wilfork and the evolution of New England’s hybrid defense.

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