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  • Florida State's Jimbo Fisher

    Florida State’s Real MVP

    College football teams often hand out honorary awards during the doldrums of spring practice or the offseason conditioning program in order to recognize unsung scout teamers or those who consistently practice with great effort. It’s a way for the coaches and captains to recognize the hard work that takes place when the lights aren’t on. […]

  • A fan holds up a 'Bowl Crap Series' sign to mock the BCS

    College Football Final Exam Shootaround: Grantland Bids Adieu to the BCS

    On Monday night, Florida State beat Auburn with a thrilling last-minute touchdown drive. The Seminoles’ victory ended the SEC’s streak of seven consecutive national championships, but it also put a bow on something far more fundamental: the BCS era. Next season, the four-team College Football Playoff will commence. But before we say good-bye forever to […]

  • Rose Bowl

    Dispatches From Bowlvania: Milkshakes Were Made

    On today’s itinerary: deeply unserious highlights from Monday’s bowl games, plus ringing in 2014 with roses, bloomin’ onions, and photos of elite college athletes’ attempts at milkshake craftsmanship. A Farewell to MACKtion More Bowl Coverage Dispatches From Bowlvania Holly Anderson’s bowl recaps. Bowl Facts Holly Anderson’s Frequently Asked Questions for all 35 bowl games. Upset […]

  • Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg

    Bringing Happiness Back to Happy Valley

    Christian Hackenberg, his family, and the decision that’s helping to save Penn State.

  • Fresno State and Boise State

    College Football, Week 4: Ring the Bells That Can Still Ring

    Sporting America knew what it was getting into with Week 4. We can say that, at least. But with dozens of games on the slate, there’s always going to be room for surprises. You might have dreaded the prospect of watching Michigan vs. UConn, or Arkansas State vs. Memphis, for reasons of your own. But […]

  • Deconstructing Gaffney

    The making, and remaking, of a Stanford star.

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