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The B.S. Report

  • Kevin Wildes

    Kevin Wildes joins Bill to pitch his half-baked ideas, including a basketball bullpen, a World’s Greatest Dad competition, getting rid of hats in baseball, and much more!

  • Zach Lowe and Joe House

    Zach Lowe and Joe House join Bill to discuss the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup, the NBA summer league, and the problems with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Grantland Sports

  • Cheap Heat

    The guys talk Daniel Bryan’s crime fighting, TNA’s TV deal, and the demise of ‘WWE the Magazine.’

  • Jonah Keri – Pedro Martinez

    Jonah talks to Pedro Martinez about his career in baseball, the joys and challenges of being an athlete in Boston, and why part of his heart will always remain in Montreal.

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Grantland Pop Culture

  • Girls in Hoodies

    Claire Evans joins Molly and Emily to talk about ‘Lucy,’ ‘Under the Skin,’ and Scarlett Johansson’s great year, plus why Emily is quitting ‘The Leftovers.’

  • Do You Like Prince Movies?

    Alex and Wesley on the economics of the Purge and why Scarlett Johansson might be the Artist of the Year. Plus, the long-awaited ‘Flamethrowers’ discussion.

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