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The B.S. Report

  • Doug Collins

    Doug Collins stops by the studio to share stories of playing for the 76ers and coaching a young Jordan on the Bulls, and then breaks down how the NBA playoffs are shaping up.

  • Chuck Klosterman

    Bill calls Chuck Klosterman to discuss Kobe’s media tour, Rondo’s trouble in Dallas, and Sam Hinkie’s tanking strategy for the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Grantland Sports

  • The Reducer

    Chris Ryan and Ian Edwards discuss Jose Mourinho, the Liverpool resurgence, and what to do about Manchester United’s crowded lineup.

  • The Grantland NFL Podcast

    Mays and Barnwell return with a preview of what free agency should look like for teams in the AFC.

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Grantland Pop Culture

  • Grantland Pop Culture

    Artist Lily Simonson visits the podcast to talk to Molly about living at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica and being on MTV’s ‘Fanatic’ in 1999 as Beck’s no. 1 fan.

  • Do You Like Prince Movies?

    Alex and Wesley on Will Smith’s con-man rom-com ‘Focus’ and the ‘Girls’ resurgence, plus a Vulcan salute to the late Leonard Nimoy.

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