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The B.S. Report

  • Aaron Schatz and Chad Millman

    Football Outsiders’s Aaron Schatz and ESPN’s Chad Millman on their Super Bowl favorites, predicting the worst team in the league, and much more.

  • Cousin Sal

    Cousin Sal and Bill get fired up on a special Labor Day B.S. Report, in which they discuss the NFL’s Week 1 lines.

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Grantland Sports

  • The Jonah Keri Podcast

    Jonah Keri talks to MASN’s Roch Kubatko about the surging Orioles and to’s Dave Dameshek about the Pirates, the NFL, and the launch of the ‘League of Leagues.’

  • The Grantland NFL Podcast

    With the season rapidly approaching, Mays and Barnwell run through their favorite player prop bets in today’s Grantland NFL Podcast.

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Grantland Pop Culture

  • The Moment – Adam Duritz

    Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz on their new album, songwriting, and the meaning of California.

  • The Right Reasons

    Juliet Litman and David Jacoby go deep on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ and then move on to discuss the Bravo shows and taste-test jerky.

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