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The B.S. Report

  • Cousin Sal and JackO

    Cousin Sal comes on to pick the lines for Week 3, then Bill calls up JackO to weigh in on the relevance of U2.

  • Cousin Sal

    Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal recap Week 1 of the NFL season and guess the lines for Week 2.

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Grantland Sports

  • The Jonah Keri Podcast

    Jonah talks to Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis about Kershaw’s dominance and the origins of the bubble machine, and to ‘Orange County Register’ writer Pedro Moura about the Angels.

  • The Grantland NFL Podcast

    Mays and Barnwell wonder where their analysis of the NFC South went wrong and break down Sunday’s most impressive performances.

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Grantland Pop Culture

  • Hollywood Prospectus

    Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald talk U2 and fall network dramas.

  • The Right Reasons

    David Jacoby sells new show ‘Utopia,’ Juliet Litman interviews Nick Carter about ‘I Heart Nick Carter,’ and they wonder how one falls asleep in jeans.

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